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Comprehensive Longitudinal Investigation of Multiple Sclerosis
at Brigham and Women’s Hospital 



CLIMB Study Group Spring 2014
(listed left to right, back to front)
D. Meier, M.T. Malik, R. Bove, R. Bakshi, S. Tauhid, R. Carruthers, M. Anderson, P. Kivisaak, E. Greeke, B.C. Healy, E. Klawiter, C.R. Guttmann,
A. Chua, R. Chu, V. Oommen, M. Weiner, D. Rotstein, H. Weiner, A. Robbins, Z. Xia, S. Egorova, C. Diaz-Cruz, M. Houtchens,
F. Khalid, G. Little, T. Chitnis, B. Glanz, M. Polgar-Turcsanyi, R. Gandhi


The CLIMB study is a large-scale, long-term study of patients with MS.  It is designed to investigate the course of the disease in the current era of treatment.   The main goals of the study are to:

1. Identify predictors of future disease course when patients are at the beginning of their illness.
2. Determine the effects of treatment on disease progression and accumulation of disability.

Subjects will have neurological exams and MRI yearly.  Subjects will also donate blood samples and complete quality of life and mood questionnaires yearly.

Eligible subjects are those with:
1. Diagnosis of MS or monosymptomatic disease
2. 18 years of age or older
3. Willing to have MRI yearly
4. Willing to donate blood samples and complete questionnaires yearly




Howard Weiner, M.D.

 Director, Partners MS Center


 Tanuja Chitnis, MD

Medical Director, CLIMB Study

Lead Study Staff


Bonnie Glanz, Ph.D

Director, Clinical Research Operations


Mira Weiner, M.B.A.

 Project Manager


Sandra Cook, RN

Research Nurse

Study Coordinators


Emily Greeke, B.A.



Fiona Stuart



Allison Larussa

 Biostatistics Unit


Brian Healy, PhD



Alicia Chua, M.S.


Information Technology

 Mariann Polgar, MS


Adam Polgar


Neuroimaging Research


 Charles Guttman, MD



Rob Bakshi, MD


 Svetlana Egorova, M.D., Ph.D.
Sr. Investigators and Fellows


Riley Bove, MD



  Camilo Diaz-Cruz, MD

 Research Fellow







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